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NexGen VoltX Fusionator



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Best Electric Shaker bottle For 2023 year

Say goodbye to the hassle and inconvenience of hand shaking.

Level Up Your Workout

Elevate your fitness routine with our shaker bottle, designed to make the preparation and consumption of protein and fitness drinks quick and easy with just the press of a button.


Healthy and Practical

With its ergonomic design, this shaker offers comfort and convenience during use. Flavorful and Textured Drinks: Every sip is a pleasure, thanks to the perfect blend of ingredients.

Easily portable and rechargeable shaker that can be used at home, in the gym, or on the go.


"Create a sustainable life with NexGen products. 🌍♻️ #EcoChoice"

"By protecting the planet, our products are designed to be fully recyclable, supporting the circular economy and reducing waste. Every action we take is a step towards a cleaner future. 🌍💚"

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"Why Choose Us?"

"With confidence in the quality of NexGen Vortex, we offer a 12-month warranty. We believe in the long-lasting satisfaction from the product and are ready to provide support throughout this period. Our 24/7 customer support is here to address any questions and inquiries. With NexGen, you not only invest in innovation and efficiency but also gain complete peace of mind with our care for you."


Electric Shaker Bottle Magic"

Experience the flavors that blend in harmony, mixed by the electric magic of our bottle. Each sip is like an explosion of tastes that will immerse you in endless possibilities.


One Smart Button Control

1. Click-30 sec. Mining

2. Double Click - Non Stop Mixing

3. Long 2-Sec. Press - Display Battery Level

4. Click Durring Mixing-Stopping Shaker Work


Your Workout, Your Shaker

Welcome to the world where every workout becomes an extraordinary experience. Our shaker bottle is not just an accessory but a tool for those who insist on excellence in everything they do.

"Draw Inspiration from the Process - Watch the Video!"


Can I trust this website ?

We are committed to providing 100% purchase protection for your shopping done on our website, which is secured by 256-bit encryption. You can enjoy a safe and secure online ordering experience.

We do not store any of your information on our servers, only names and addresses (for shipping purposes) and email (for communication about your order). We will not trade or exchange your information.

Are My payments secured ?

Yes, they are 100% secure.

We do not share any information we collect through orders or contact inquiries. The information is solely used to fulfill your order or respond to your inquiry.

"30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have full control. If you are not completely satisfied with our Shaker, you can return it within 30 days, and we will refund your money!"

FREE Fast Shipping

Typically, the delivery period varies between 3/5 working days for USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Western European Countries

Other Countries/Region: 5-14 business days

How to use the shaker

One Smart Button Control

1. Click-30 sec. Mining

2. Double Click - Non Stop Mixing

3. Long 2-Sec. Press - Display Battery Level

4. Click Durring Mixing-Stopping Shaker Work

12 Mounts Secure Warranty

“With the NexGen Smart Shaker, you receive a 12-month warranty that covers product replacement in case of defects or issues. The warranty applies to all components of the shaker, including the motor, battery, and blade. We are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns.”

Crafted with care for the environment and nature.

"NexGen Smart Shaker: Your Eco-Friendly Partner for Fitness and Healthy Living

At NexGen, we are committed to creating products that not only meet your fitness requirements but also care for the environment. Your health and comfort are our priorities, which is why we choose materials that are eco-friendly, high-quality, and aligned with the highest standards in Germany.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Safe for the Environment: NexGen Smart Shaker is crafted from materials that do not harm the environment. We support sustainability and responsible practices.

Recyclable: Our shakers are designed to be recyclable after use, contributing to waste reduction and resource conservation.

High-Quality Materials:Health-Safe: NexGen Smart Shaker uses materials that are harmless to your health. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins that leach into your beverages.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Our shakers are resilient and resistant to impact and wear. They will serve you well over time.

Aligned with German Standards:

Quality Assurance: NexGen Smart Shaker complies with stringent quality standards in Germany. We take pride in offering a product that meets the requirements of even the most discerning customers.**"

“Compliant with all quality standards in Germany 2023.”

“The NexGen Smart Shaker is designed and manufactured according to the highest standards in Germany. Our products meet the safety and quality requirements of the European Union. In addition, our shakers are FDA approved, which guarantees that they are harmless to your health.”


4.9/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Robert Brown

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I love my shaker bottle! It’s so easy to use and it mixes my protein shakes perfectly. No more lumps or clumps. It’s also very durable and leak-proof. I take it everywhere with me, to the gym, to work, to the park. It’s definitely worth the price. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a hassle-free and convenient way to enjoy their drinks.

Jake Miller

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I’m a busy professional. I don’t have time to prepare and measure my drinks every day. That’s why I love the shaker bottle. It’s so convenient and easy to use. It also has a USB port that lets me charge my phone or other devices. It’s like having a mini blender in my hand. It blends everything smoothly and evenly. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain. The Nexgen smart shaker bottle is a lifesaver for me.

I’m Mia

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In I’m a student. I like to stay active and healthy, but I also have a tight budget. That’s why I chose the Nexgen shaker bottle.It’s also very stylish and sleek. I get compliments on it all the time. The Nexgen smart shaker bottle is the best investment I have made for myself.


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I’m a gym lover. The Nexgen smart shaker bottle is amazing. It mixes my shakes perfectly and shows me the battery level. It’s very handy and easy to use.


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The Nexgen smart shaker bottle is the best thing that ever happened to me. It makes my shakes smooth and delicious. It’s also very easy to use and clean. I can’t live without it.


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I bought the Nexgen smart shaker bottle as a gift for my husband and he loves it. Highly recommend

RP Superb

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“I started drinking protein powder but couldn’t continue because of the lumps that never dissolved no matter how much I stirred. The NexGen shaker changed everything. My protein drinks now come out smooth and rich. If you’re on the fence, jump—you won’t be sorry.”


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“This mixer works great! After about 8 months, the power button stopped working, but the seller promptly sent me a brand new one. You can’t go wrong with this purchase.”
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Johannes Müller, Radfahrer

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“Ich empfehle den elektrischen Shaker von NexGen jedem ernsthaften Radfahrer. Er ist zuverlässig, schnell und äußerst bequem zu bedienen während meiner Trainingslager.”

Anna Schmidt, Fitness-Trainerin

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“Meine Kunden sind von der Effektivität des NexGen Shakers beeindruckt. Es ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, Ihrer Ernährung hochwertige Proteine hinzuzufügen, ohne jegliche Anstrengung.”

Laura Hoffmann, Fitness-Trainerin:

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"Der NexGen-Shaker ist ein fester Bestandteil der Fitnessprogramme, die ich anbiete. Er hilft meinen Kunden, hydratisiert zu bleiben und sich mit den notwendigen Nährstoffen zu versorgen.“

Felix Neumann, IT-Spezialist

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„Im Büro habe ich oft keine Zeit für ein qualitatives Mittagessen. Dank NexGen kann ich in Minuten einen gesunden Shake zubereiten, was mir Zeit spart und mir die Energie gibt, die ich brauche.“

Stefan Bauer, Radfahrer

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„Der elektrische Shaker von NexGen ist für mein tägliches Training unverzichtbar. Die Stabilität und Mischqualität sind auf einem Niveau, das jede ernsthafte Marke beneiden würde.“

Lukas Koch, Radfahrer

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„Ich habe im Laufe der Jahre viele Shaker ausprobiert, aber NexGen sticht wirklich hervor. Die Batterie hält lange, und die Shakes sind glatt und lecker. Ich empfehle es jedem Radfahrer, der seine Ernährung verbessern möchte.“